This is an MU-MIMO router and comes at a high-price, but remains one of the best Wi-Fi routers to use at home. While it does have this function, you need devices with the same technology to benefit from it. Currently, it is one of Amped fastest routers, but is it made for you?

Let us take an in-depth look at the Athena RTA2600.

The Amped Athena RTA2600 Router Review

What Makes the Athena RTA2600 Unique?

With the RTA2600 router supplied by Amped, you can connect multiple devices for the best connection. This is all possible with the Qualcomm® MU/EFX processor. What the wireless router does is it pushes signals through obstacles to reach a device. On the inside, it has 16 advanced amplifiers with the 1.4GHz dual-core processor to deliver outstanding coverage.

DesignPrime Features

The Athena RTA2600 has a flash storage of 128MB with a DDR3 system memory of 512MB. Another notable feature is the 3.0 USB port found on the right side. Further, there is another 2.0 USB port found on the back. This is great as the unit can host external devices.

There is four GB LAN ports and one GB Internet (WAN) port found on the back. The four detachable antennas are lined on the back of the router, making it a bit overcrowded. Topside of the router there is a line of LED indicator lights luckily you can turn them off with the button found on the back.

The Wi-Fi router has a compact design and sits flat on a desk and you can wall mount it if preferred. With the multi-user multiple-input and multiple-output in place, the routers described as a 4×4 (quad-stream) router. The tops speed is 1733Mbps on the 5GHz band. While the 2.4GHz offers you a speed of 800Mbps theoretically.

The device is easy to set up out of the box. Included with your unit you receive an Ethernet cable to plug into the Internet port and connect with your modem. The AC2600 comes preconfigured with two wireless networks and printed on the underside. For customizing the device, you need to use the Web interface on your PC and use the default login information.

There is, however a downside if you make any changes to the settings you need to restart the router for it to take effect.

For customizing your home network, the Athena AC2600 has everything available you need. Each frequency band has its own main network and there are four guest networks. You can create ten different wireless networks with customized settings for each user.

You can adjust the output power range from 15% to 100% if you do want to reduce the wireless coverage. You can create a plain domain name to the WAN Ip address with the DNS feature. However, you can only do this by using the Further, it only supports FTP file sharing and does not support media streaming or Time Machine backup.

The QoS, Firewall, Web filtering needs manual programming and lacks in this department. Some of the management features you can access with the web-based interface. On the main page, you have the SSID of each band, a number of connected devices displayed, and the security key.

For security, you can select the type of encryption and use an authentication mode either personal or enterprise. You can create a pre-shared key and includes Fragment and RTS Threshold, and more. Other great features are the port filtering, Denial-of-Service Firewall settings, and port forwarding. You can assign bandwidth by using the QoS settings.

With the parental control, you can block websites, do MAC Address filtering, and enable IP. Prioritize traffic on a specific device or frequency band by assigning users a percentage bandwidth needed for them to use.

Amped Athena RTA2600



Included in the package

Pros and Cons

Hardware Requirements

Final Thoughts

If you need an MU-MIMO router and willing to pay the price, we recommend the Amped Athena RTA2600. The device is easy to install and is equipped with loads of ports and management settings. A highlight with the unit is the excellent transfer rate to connected devices at 15-feet. Further, if you have parental control, guest network and an excellent quad-band for multiple users in your home.

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