Over the years, these two router manufacturers; NetGear and Linksys have made great names for themselves with their flagship models. The competition is fierce as the two always come out with routers that meet the demand of the user. Routers are inarguably on high demand as everyone needs one in their home. You would definitely need one if you want that high-speed internet that takes the boredom out of surfing the internet. If you have settles that you need a router, the question is which one do you go in for? Well, your guess is as good as mine. To help us all make a better buying decision, we have put together valuable information about these two routers and reasons why you should choose or ignore either one of them. Kindly take note that, all conclusions made are the editor’s choice. To make our compares more tangible, we have selected a model each from these two routers; NetGear NightHawk AC 1900 R7000 and Linksys WRT 1900 ACS. Check them it.


Both the NetGear and the Linksys are elegant in appearance. You would always love to set them right on your desk where it can be seen and admired. The Linksys has a bold color that makes it stand out even more. You might love to blend it with the color of your desk if your desk or room is blue. The NetGear, on the other hand, comes with a Matte black finishing. Although the finishing color makes it less obvious, its plane-like design would definitely catch your attention. Talk of antennas, one feature that distinguishes one router from the other is the number of antennas. The NetGear NightHawk AC1900 has 3 antennas while the Linksys WRT 1900 ACS has 4 antennas. We would eventually find out if the number of antennas affects the performance of either of them.

Talk of the size, if you are looking for a smaller router, you would go in for the Linksys which measures 9.8×7.7×2.0 inches and weighs 2.1 pounds. The NetGear, on the other hand, measures 13.7×10.1×3.1 and weighs 1.8 pounds. Obviously, there is a tradeoff here. The NetGear is larger but weighs lesser than the Linksys which is smaller but is heavier. If you are worried about the size of the NetGear because of storage space, it is good to note that this router can be mounted outside. Both routers have great cooling features if you are worried about overheating. They have been designed in a way that allows airflow.

Design: Editor’s Verdict

Both routers are great. They look good in appearance and features


Both devices have great connectivity. They both have 2.4, and 5.0 frequency band. They also connect at a wider range. However, the Linksys performs better when it comes to signal strength. The Linksys WRT AC 1900 can measure 541Mbps using the 5.0Ghz while the NetGear NightHawk AC 1900 can measure 446 Mbps using the 5.0 GHz.


The Linksys delivers up to 600 Mbps using the 2.4 GHz and at least 1300 Mbps using the 5.0 Mbps. The Linksys WRT Ac 1900, however, supports three special streams. The Linksys features a 1.6 GHz dual-core processor. It also has a 256RAM and 128GB flash memory. The NetGear delivers a speed of up to 1300 Mbps on the 5.0 GHz and up to 600 Mbps on 2.4 GHz. It features a Broadcom B4709A SoC 1Ghz dual-core processor. It also packs the usual 256MB RAM and 128GB flash memory which is the same as what the Linksys offers in terms of memory capacity. This puts the Linksys ahead of the NetGear in terms of hardware. The flash memory is very important to tech geeks since they come in handy when they want to install the open firmware. On this level, these two routers will not disappoint.

User Interface

When it comes to user-friendliness, the Linksys features all the typical features you will find on most AC 1900 routers. You will find the parental control, Guest access, and OpenVPN. This makes it really easy to set up this router. You can get it up in less than 5 minutes. The set up will still be a breeze even if you are not a computer geek. It is also easy to add other features, you can easily install apps including Tomato. All these make the interface of the Linksys rather friendly. It is even easier to use this router if you have used another AC 1900 before.

Now let us check out that of the NetGear NightHawk Ac 1900. This router also features all the basic and advanced features you can find on an AC 1900 router. You will still find the parental control access, the OpenVPN, network map, and DNLA media. This interface is however relatively difficult to understand. Its usage would not be a problem for a tech geek though. One factor should be put into consideration on the account of both routers is the fact that both of them can be improved by an Open Source firmware. It is therefore difficult to choose one when it comes to user interface.

Generally speaking, the Linksys WRT AC 1900 has greatly improved on its previous model. It features a faster processor and the RAM also doubled. It guarantees a great performance and it can handle several devices without lagging. The NetGear NightHawk WRT 1900, on the other hand, is quite identical to the previous model but has improved connectivity as well. it will be difficult to make a straight decision with regards to the best router. Both routers offer you the best when it comes to all that you would want in a router. You can still enjoy your 4K streaming, uninterrupted online gaming, and they can both handle several clients at the same time without stress. On many accounts, the Linksys seems to be ahead of the game when compared to the NetGear. However, we cannot conclusively say so since user demands differ. The best depends on what you require in a router.

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