If you are in need of a long-range wireless router, you need the Portal AC2400 model. This device by Ignition Design Labs is one of the best Wi-Fi systems available on the market. The Portal comprises mesh technology to get your whole house connected.

You can your entire family can enjoy seamless roaming with this sleek and aesthetically pleasing 5GHZ technology. Not only is the router great to use in a large home it is suitable to use in an apartment. The biggest benefit is it works great where you have other wireless networks present as well.

The Portal AC2400 Wi-Fi Router Review

What makes the Portal AC2400 Router Unique?

The Portal AC2400

With the Portal FastLane Technology, the AC2400 gives, you access to frequencies within the 5GHz range. These frequencies are usually set aside for weather radar systems. If you live in a huge building with loads of network traffic, the Portal presents you with channels that other wireless routers cannot access.

This leaves you with seamless streaming without congestion during peak times. With the band-steering technology, the router automatically chooses a less crowded radio band to avoid jamming from happening. The router does allow you to use mobile apps, but the task is limited.

DesignImportant Features

For minimalism, the Portal AC2500 wireless router spells out simplicity. The router has a white glossy finish with a pillow-shaped design. There is no blinking lights on the front panel and has one top-mounted LED. During normal operation, the light gives you a steady green glow.

There are no external antennas as it has nine built-in antennas. At the back of the router, you find the power cord, two USB 2.0 ports, and five Gigabit Ethernet ports. One of the GB Ethernet port used for the modem and the other four for wired devices. The wireless router does lack the 3.0 USB ports normally found in the latest devices.

The power cords 4-feet long and for some users, this is a setback, as they would have preferred an extra two feet added. You can use the mobile app for certain tasks and displays a network map with icons. These icons allow you to access the internet, shows connected guests, and devices.

Here you can do the basic settings such as rename your SSID, separate the radio bands, enable the web interface, and enable Beamforming. While another set allows you to access the firmware upgrade or restart your home network. Another downside is you have no parental controls and it does not have a device-prioritization option.

When accessing the Portal web console you do get basic parental control features such as internet blocking. You can create port forwarding and set up firewall rules. Furthermore, you can configure static routing, VPN client settings, IP address and MAC address for LAN and WAN for both bands and connected devices.

An important note is the FastLanes a default feature once you turn on the router and support certain devices. Once FastLanes turned off, the router supports all mobile devices.


With the Portal AC2500 Wi-Fi router, you get 4 by 4 Wave-2 wireless connections with Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity. The device has nine internal high gain antennas with concurrent dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz.)

Some of the exclusive features are the Android and iOS app and it has two USB 2.0 ports to connect external devices. For high-speed streaming and online games you, get the multi-user MIMO connectivity. You can join up to two Portals to extend the range up to 6000 square feet.

Furthermore, it has four Certified DFS FastLanes for seamless streaming and on LAN and 4 WAN GB Ethernet ports. Once the routers set up you get notifications to your smartphone, nonstop infringement monitoring, parental management, and guest access control.

The great thing is the Portal works with your current modem and network.



Included in the package

Pros and Cons

Basic Setup

Should You Buy It

If you live in a heavy congested network area, the Portal AC2400 wireless router is the one to have. With the Fastlane technology, you get access to channels that other routes are not able to achieve. While using as a mesh wireless system, it offers you an excellent range. The downside is it does not have a good QoS and parental control feature. The mobile app offers you very few functions and you will have to log into the web console to manage your network. If you need these features, we suggest you look at our Linksys WRT1900 Wi-Fi Router Review here.

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