One essential piece of technology no one can live without is the internet. From education, entertainment to businesses the internet helps you to communicate to the rest of the world.

Not only is having access to the internet important but you want the fastest speed to transit important data. This is where the TP-Link Archer D20 shines as it enables you to transfer data at high speeds.

You can access the router wirelessly with your laptop, PC, or phone. The Archer D20 you can find sold as the AC750 and an ADSL modem with a wifi router.

The AC750 is perfect for a home network. You can connect your computer to an internet service provider with it.

What Makes the TP-Link Archer D20 Outstanding to Use?

For one, you receive it in a sealed pack safely secured in a protective covering. This shows that TP-Link takes care of the products manufactured by them. They make sure you receive only the best. But let’s get on with it as the packaging is not the only feature. There is more!

The AC750 is one of the best Dual Band routers available at an affordable price. The wifi router has a 5GHz band and a 2.4GHz one. The 5GHz band does have a smaller range and we recommend you use the 2.4GHz band for your daily use. For the home or a small office, the wireless routers perfect.

DesignPrime Features

Once removed from the box you notice the shiny surface with a classic black finish. The device has a good-looking curve and gives the router a great overall appearance. The LED strip blends in with the shiny surface and displays white. This helps you to observe how the LAN and WPS signals are.

On top of the router, the TP-LINK logo stands out and it has two non-detachable antennas. At the back of the router, it has a power button, on/off switch, USB port, Reset/WPS button, one WAN port, three by LAN ports, and an ADSL port. You will have no problem setting up the router as it has a simple design.

The first thing you notice is that it does not include a resource CD. You can set up the Modem/Wi-Fi router by navigating through to the TP-LINK modem web page. There you find a setup tab for ease of installation. One note if you plan to use the device as a wifi router, you need to set it up manually.

The wireless router supports standard 802.11 ac and has next generation wifi. Simultaneous both bands have a 733Mbps connection. You can share files & media with a local printer or other network devices through the FTP server. With the EWAN (WAN) port, you can connect with cable and fiber modems.

Use the UI and Tether App for quick installation and management of your home network.

The dual-band offers you a flexible network for basic tasks and has a multi-functional UBS 2.0 port. This allows you to connect external devices to save and share data. The LAN/WAN port are interchangeable and support ADSL and Ethernet WAN connections. The great thing is you can connect a standard phone cable for ADSL connection.

With the Ethernet cable, you can connect cable/fiber modems. You get guest network access for a secure wireless connection. Manage your kid’s connection and access to the internet with the parental control feature. You can restrict them to harmful websites and control their bandwidth. The D20 supports IPv6 a next-generation internet protocol devices.



What you receive with the Wi-Fi Router

  • The TP-LINK AC750 Archer D20 Wi-Fi Router
  • Power Adapter
  • RJ 45 cable
  • 2 x ADSL cables
  • ADSL Splitter Box
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • GNU General Public License Notice
  • One-year Warranty Card

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System Requirements

Final Thoughts

For the best bang for your buck, the TP-LINK Archer D20 is perfect. The AC750 has dual features and you can use it as a modem and Wi-Fi router simultaneously. To make it stand out even more it has amazing features for the price range sold. For a home or small office, this is the best budget wireless router available. You will fall in love with the stylish design and is a beauty.

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